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Leadership Assessment and Coaching

“Are you playing to win?  Or playing not to lose?”  Adams and Anderson Mastering Leadership


Have you noticed when you play to win, when you are in your zone, how much more effective (and fun) leadership can be?  The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) coaching can increase the time you are in this creative place.  


The LCP model is heavily influenced by adult stage theory (see below).   The LCP measures 18 creative dimensions that research has demonstrated are correlated strongly with leadership effectiveness and business performance.  The LCP also measures 11 reactive dimensions that impede leadership performance.  Our reactive dimensions are various ways of coping we develop in childhood that become activated under stress.  We may lean in too hard and try to control the environment.  We may lean out too far and distance ourselves and judge others.  Also, we may become too passive and lose our voice.  Through coaching, we are able to reduce these reactive tendencies and become more centered and capable of managing higher levels of stress and complexity.

After the client and their raters complete the assessment, the results are debriefed and leadership goals are established.  Coaching usually occurs once a month.  I have enjoyed working with leadership groups in organizations.  I provide coaching to leaders in any type of organization.

The results of the LCP look like this.


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