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Is the journey a struggle? Or is it transforming?

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Family Matters.
It's your Business.

Is your family having more conflict about the family business? Are you avoiding conversations about the succession of leadership or ownership in your family business? Do you wonder if your level of leadership has become an obstacle to the company's growth?


Meet Joe Horak, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist
Certified Leadership Coach

My approach simultaneously resolves family conflict, strategic planning, and succession planning in a highly personalized multi-level systemic approach.  My clients consider me a master Sherpa- guiding their team through difficult terrain, but eventually arriving at the summit, where the family relationships, leadership, and strategic IQ have been transformed.  

Success Stories

Success Stories



“Dr Horak has worked with us in a consultive manner for the last several years. His insight, professionalism, support, and  leadership have been paramount in helping our family business not only grow, but move in the direction of strength and clarity.  Dr Joe is friendly, easy to work with, approachable, brilliant, and always willing to listen to the issues and find solutions that work. We find that many employees that come to work with us state that having Dr Joe as part of our organization is one of the biggest benefits we offer. He works with our innovation team forming new ideas and approaches that allow us to be current and constantly evolving. He brings with him years of experiences from the educational sector to family run businesses across the globe. Any family run business that is lucky enough to utilize the skills and expertise that Dr Joe brings will not only surpass their counterparts but will move into areas that they never dreamed possible. We cannot thank him enough for his leadership and guidance and look forward to continuing to work with him now and into the future. “


—  Linda B, CEO, Thermal-Tec MR Multi-Ply ® Roofing

My Services

Our Methods
Family Business

Are the conflicts in your marriage or family harming your business?  My life as a Sherpa began over three decades ago while I was a psychologist working as a family therapist.

Family Portrait
Leadership Coaching

Take the powerful Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment and learn how to transform your leadership and your organization.

Transforming your business requires the ability to transform yourself. As your company has grown, has your leadership ability kept pace?

Happy Man
Succession Planning

We can co-create your individualized succession plan customized to meet the unique needs of your family and business.  In this unique approach, family relationships become strengthened and NextGen leadership gaps are identified and improved. 

Farmer and Son

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