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Success Stories

Testimonials from those I work with.

“Dr Horak has worked with us in a consultive manner for the last several years. His insight, professionalism, support, and  leadership have been paramount in helping our family business not only grow, but move in the direction of strength and clarity. 


Dr Joe is friendly, easy to work with, approachable, brilliant, and always willing to listen to the issues and find solutions that work. We find that many employees that come to work with us state that having Dr Joe as part of our organization is one of the biggest benefits we offer. He works with our innovation team forming new ideas and approaches that allow us to be current and constantly evolving.


He brings with him years of experiences from the educational sector to family run businesses across the globe. Any family run business that is lucky enough to utilize the skills and expertise that Dr Joe brings will not only surpass their counterparts but will move into areas that they never dreamed possible. We cannot thank him enough for his leadership and guidance and look forward to continuing to work with him now and into the future. “

Linda B.

CEO, Thermal-Tec MR Multi-Ply® Roofing

“After 1 year of working with Joe, our leadership team is starting to interact on another level. It has been a truly transformational process.  We are finally starting to operate as 1 effective team, with all members pulling in the same direction. 


Each leader is making decisions based on what is best for the company, and not what is best for their individual department. In addition to the growth of our team, each team member has grown as a communicator, and individual contributor.


It can be hard to lean into your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, but if you trust Joe’s process, the possibilities are endless.”

Chris H.

 Director of Sales, Rosetta Hardscapes

"Having our executive team meetings with Joe assists us in taking a step out of the day to day and allowing us to take a genuine look at our big picture and the future of the company. 


He guides our conversations and uses real business tools to ensure we are capturing the true essence of our company and strategy. 


Thank you, Joe! "

Mackenzie W.

Vice President, Trailer Equipment & X-Press, Inc.

Joe has helped open my eyes to both growing the company and making it easier to lead; ideas that are typically in conflict with each other. I have shifted away from  needing to control outcomes and towards leading processes that build up our team. Admittedly, I still try to control too much but I can recognize it sooner and can adjust faster now. The company has grown and the process has put some conflict on the table that we've been able to work through in a much healthier way than we would have been able to prior to working with Joe. For the first time in my career I can see a path to sustainable growth that doesn't have to burn me or my leadership team out. The coaching has not only made our team better leaders, it has made us better people. 


Joe has an uncanny ability to walk people through difficult conversations with both empathy and candor. He weaves in his personal story, background and training into his coaching. He is relatable, and genuinely cares about those he works and walks with.

Jacob M.

 President, Aster Brands

"Dr. Horak was instrumental in helping me and my siblings untie some pretty big knots. Before we started working with him my siblings and I weren't sure if we would ever find a way to continue running a business together, much less continue to have a relationship outside of work. We've been close all our lives, so to say running into insurmountable professional conflict was "hard" would be an understatement. He helped facilitate and guide conversations we never would have been able to successfully navigate on our own. If you're running a family business and can't figure out how to overcome inter family conflict, Dr. Horak's your guy."
Dayna L.
Owner, Joint Restoration Center and Physical Therapy

“Joe has successfully identified my most important core competencies that I need in building sustainable growth in leadership.

The results have had a noticeable effect with customers, team members and my family in my approach to be a better person. 

Kevin L. 

Director of Sales, Redi-Rock International

This past year Joe has worked with our company’s leadership team.  Through a combination of leadership circle analysis, group sessions, and 1 on 1 meetings, we have seen significant growth in our individual and collective leadership abilities. 


In times of increasing uncertainty, Joe’s help has been super valuable and is already adding significant value to our organization.  On a team level, we’re working better together than we ever have.  On a personal level, Joe’s help has been transformational in my leadership approach and has truly improved my life.

Jamie J.

Director of Engineering, Aster Brands

“Dr. Horak is a knowledgeable business resource.  He has been able to help me establish and achieve my succession objectives. 


He has done a remarkable job of coaching my executives to take over the reins .

Pam H.

CEO, Foreway Transportation, Inc.


Dr. Horak has a calming presence when I am divulging the crazy ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. It is easy for me to think I am the first and only entrepreneur going through certain struggles but through Dr. Horak’s active listening, he can affirm I am not alone. Dr. Horak is great at asking the right questions to elicit deeper thought on multiple possible solutions.

Mentors have never worked for me in the past because they would constantly give me their advice. At best I would ignore the advice and at worst I would act on it and later regret it. This is not surprising as I became an entrepreneur so I wouldn’t have to listen to anyone telling me what to do. 

However, a Sherpa is not a mentor. Discussing the good, bad, and ugly of running a company with Dr. Horak, provides a neutral sounding board for problem-solving.

I feel very privileged to be in this stage of my entrepreneurial journey whereby I can have access to the valuable resource I have found in Dr. Horak.


Liz H.

Chief Knit Picker, KNITit LLC

As a Second Generation Family Business, Joe has been instrumental in helping us navigate the intricate dynamics of running a family business. We've been working with Joe for about six months and our family relationship and business communication have improved greatly. Not only have we grown over 25% this year, but we've also grown closer as a family unit.

Mike N

Express Employment Professionals, New Jersey

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